Some of the things that you must know about the DevOps

Rohit Jain
2 min readMay 16, 2022

So Let’s begin :)

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices that combine software development (Dev) and IT operation (Ops). Under the DevOps model, Development and Operation teams work together across the entire software application life cycle, from development and test through deployment to operations. DevOps is designed to increase an organization's ability to deliver applications and services faster than the traditional software development process.

What is Continuous Integration (CI)?

Continuous integration refers to the build and unit testing stages of the software release process. It’s a primary DevOps best practice, allowing developers to often merge code changes into a central repository where builds and tests are then run.

What Continuous Delivery (CD)?

Continuous delivery is a software development practice that uses automation to speed the release of new code. It aims a building, test, and release software with greater speed and frequency. The approach helps to reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering changes by allowing for more incremental updates to application and production.

What is Continuous Deployment (CD)?

Continuous deployment goes one step further than continuous delivery. With this practice, every change that passes all stages of your production pipeline is released to your customers. It addresses the problem of overloading operations teams with manual processes that slow down app delivery. It builds on the benefits of continuous delivery by automating the next stage in the pipeline.

Tools for Deploy CI/CD pipeline?

  1. Jenkins
  2. AWS CodePipeline
  3. GitLab
  4. Octopus Deploy
  5. JFrog Pipelines

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