Explore the interesting funny command in Linux

Rohit Jain
3 min readSep 24, 2021

Hello Guys, I hope you all are fine I am back with the new article so let's begin :)

In this article, we will discuss some interesting funny commands in Linux. You can also run them in your system and enjoy them.

So first we will discuss the cowsay command:-

So first have to know about what is cowsay:-

cowsay makes it easy to print messages, warnings, or character strings with various animals and other creatures. And by using this command you can instruct the cow to say anything you want. It just provides amusement.

So let's discuss some interesting command in the cowsay :-

First, we have to install cowsay with the help of the yum install cowsay command.

Check a list of available animals using below:-

#cowsay -l

#cowsay -f turtle Hii I Love Technology

This command shows the turtle on the terminal

#cowsay -f surgery Hello I am a surgeon

Next, we discuss the figlet command:-

FIGlet is a computer program that generates text banners, in a variety of typefaces, composed of letters made up of conglomerations of smaller ASCII characters (see ASCII art). The name derives from “Frank, Ian and Glenn’s letters.

So first we have to install the figlet in the RHEL.

#yum install figlet

This command install the figlet in your system.

So let's create some interesting text banners.

#figlet ROHIT JAIN

This generates the text banners.

#cd /usr/share/figlet

You can choose the font of the text.

I am using bubble font

#figlet -f bubble ROHIT JAIN

You can also use much more things in the figlet. :)

Next, we discuss the SL command:-

It is a steam locomotive that runs across your screen if you type “sl” (Steam Locomotive) instead of “ls” by mistake. SL is a highly advanced animation program for curing your bad habit of mistyping.

First, we have to install the SL command with the help of yum install sl

after installation is complete, you run the below command


So that's all for today, I hope you like my article, I am very thankful you read my article :)

So let's go to your system and enjoy these commands, Tell me in the comment section, how did you like the command?

Thank you :)