Explore Espeak command and options:-

Rohit Jain
2 min readSep 24, 2021

So Let’s Begin :)

So now first we have to know about what is espeak?

Espeak is an open-source tool that is used for the text-to-speech synthesizer for Linux, Windows, Android, and other operating systems. The quality of the language voices varies greatly.

So let's run some interesting commands :)

#espeak-ng -h

This command helps us to show the help of espeak.

Some espeak-ng Options :)

Now, we will explore some espeak-ng Options.

#espeak-ng -v en -f “test.txt” -s 140 -a 200

  • -v en > The mean of this ‘-v’ is for voice and ‘en’ is for English.
  • -f> -f is used for the file.
  • -s> -s is used for speed.
  • -a > -a is used for volume.

This command is read the text from the file and speaks.

Phoneme Input:-

espeak-ng -v en “[[D,Is Iz sVm f@n’EtIk t’Eskst]]” -a 200

This command will speak: “This is some phonetic text ”.

Change Speech Language:-

We can change the speech language. for example- we want to speak the date in the Hindi language. so we use the below command-

date | espeak-ng -v hi -s 140

So that's all :)

Thank you for reading my article I hope you like this article :)